Common Questions

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Will you make a fan merchandise?

Yes, we plan on creating cute collectible merchandises that fans can indulge in!

What are the stream rules?

Please refer to this page for more details: https://www.vproject-f.com/2022/08/01/stream-guidelines/

Creating Fan Arts?

Yes, you can create fan arts! Please use separate tags for each talent’s SFW/NSFW art to classify them correctly!

when will more streamers come out?

We will do an announcement on our social media profiles whenever we decide to launch a new streamer into our lineup!

want to collaborate with us?

We’re always open for collaborations, simply send your ideas, or thoughts on what collaboration you’d like to do to our email pr@vproject-f.com

I would like to Audition!

If there are auditions currently being hosted, the “Auditions” option will be opened on the menu for you to choose! Or you can send us a message in Contact Us to be contacted when we’re close to holding one.

What Language/Country are you based on?

We’re a small group of otakus spread throughout Asia, however, our main office is in Singapore & Indonesia.